Balti Cuisine

Served with Naan or Rice – Price £8.99 each unless stated

Cooking methods of balti dishes are authentic and original, full of flavour. Chef’s special recipes with finely chopped onions, herbs and spices.

Balti Chicken Hariali (spicy)

This is a unique dish, flavoured with fresh mint leaves, spinach and coriander.

Balti Bhuna (spicy)

Chicken, Lamb, or Prawn, a delightful dish with selected spices to provide medium strength sauce.

Balti Chicken Tikka Masala (mild/sweet)

Delicate blend of aromatic spices and herbs simmered in tomatoes, yoghurt, freshly ground nuts, cream.

Balti Dhansak (Hot)

Duck, Chicken, Lamb or Prawn cooked with lentils in hot, sweet and sour sauce.

Balti Kalia (extra hot)

Traditional hot dish, fragrant with hot naga (chilli).

Mixed Balti (spicy)

Combination of Chicken, Lamb and Prawn.

Balti Rogan Josh (mild/spicy)

This dish is prepared to perfection with cooked fresh tomatoes, garlic and coriander.

Balti Karahi (spicy)

Duck, Lamb or Chicken cooked in traditional way with roughly chopped onions, green and red capsicums.

Balti Bindi Aloo Chana (spicy)

Fresh lady fingers (okra), Potatoes and Chick peas flavoured with aromatic spices, in medium strength sauce.

Balti King Prawn Bhuna (spicy £10.99)

King prawn cooked with selected spices to provide a medium strength dish.