Sumptuous dish cooked with basmati rice and nuts, delicately spiced. Served with vegetable curry.

Biryani (mild/spicy £7.99) 

Selection of Chicken, Lamb, Mushroom or Vegetable. 

Chicken or Lamb Mushroom Biryani (spicy £8.99)

Fresh button mushroom prepared with chicken or lamb in the traditional way.

Duck Tikka Biryani (mild/spicy £8.99)

Skinless and fat-less, thinly sliced duck mildly spiced and full of flavour. 

Prawn Biryani (mild/spicy 8.99)

We use fresh water prawn from Bay of Bangal and Indian Ocean. 

Mixed Biryani (spicy £8.99)

Combination of meat, chicken and prawn, richly flavoured.