Cuisine from the Tandoor

Tandoori cooking began with nomadic tribes in the Steps of Central Asia and was brought by the Moghul rulers to India. Most tandoori items require marinating with yogurt. We only use low fat yogurt to marinade our tandoori dishes and for mint sauce. All tandoori orders are accompanied with mint sauce and fresh green salad.

Sheek Kebab (spicy £5.99)

Minced lamb we prepare in house from leg of lamb and marinated with onion, herbs and spices skewer and barbecued.

Tandoori Chicken (spicy £5.99)

Tender on the bone chicken piece, marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices.

Chicken Tikka (mild/spicy £5.99)

Chicken marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs, roasted in traditional tandoor.

Lamb Chops (spicy £7.99)

Our special chops marinated with classic Moghul recipes.

Shashlick (mild/spicy £7.99)

Duck, Chicken or Paneer (cottage cheese) marinated with herbs, spices and alternate on skewer with tomatoes, onions and peppers.

Tandoori Duck (spicy £7.99)

Skinless and fat less duck breast mildly spiced.

Tandoori Sizzler (spicy £10.99)

This dish allows you to try out most of our tandoori cuisine and it’s consist of chicken tikka, lamb chop, king prawn, sheek kebab, tandoori chicken and naan bread.

Shashlick Tandoori king Prawn (mild/spicy £10.99)

We always use fresh water king size prawns from Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean. Alternate on skewer with tomatoes, peppers, onions, marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs.