Tandoori Mixed Starters (spicy £7.99)

Meat special for two persons includes Tikka, Chops, Sheek Kebab and Tandoori Chicken.

Chicken Tikka (mild spices £2.99)

Boneless tender chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices, herbs and skewed.

Tandoori Duck (spicy £3.99)

Skinless and fat less, mildly spiced duck breast, marinated in yoghurt and roasted in tandoor.

Sheek Kebab (spicy £2.99)

Minced lamb we prepare in house from leg of lamb and marinated with onion, herbs and spices, skewer and barbecued.

 Tandoori Chicken (spicy £2.99)

Tender on the bone chicken piece, marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices, broiled in tandoor.

Prawn Puree (mild £3.99)

Prawns cooked with sweet and sour sauce, loosely wrapped with thin fried pastry.

Samosas (spicy £2.99)

Meat or Vegetables cooked with mild spices, wrapped in pastry and deep fried.

Aloo or Chicken Chat (mild spices £2.99)

Thinly chopped Potatoes or Chicken and cucumbers flavoured with chat masala, accompanied by thin fried pastry.

Onion Bhajees (mild spices £2.99)

Crispy onion dumplings, flavoured with fresh coriander, light spices, ground flour, herbs and egg.