Vegetarian – Side

Price £2.99 each unless stated

Tarka Dall Dall Tarka is great compliment for most spicy and hot dishes, lentils are full of protein, vitamins and minerals. We cook our Dall with four different lentils and boil them with finely chopped onions, salt, herbs and a little turmeric. For Tarka – all we use is some freshly chopped garlic fried with vegetable or sunflower oil.  

Onion Bhajees (£1.99)

Bombay Aloo (fresh spicy potatoes)

Mushroom or Cauliflower Bhuna (spicy)

Sag Paneer (spinach & cottage cheese with cream)

Chana Aloo (potatoes and chick peas cooked with onions and spices)

Bhindi Bhuna (fresh lady fingers cooked with light spices, herbs and onions)

Aloo Gobi Jeera (fresh potatoes, cauliflower and herbs)

Sag Bhuna (spinach cooked with onions and herbs)

Sag Aloo (spinach, potatoes, spices and herbs)

Mixed Vegetable Bhuna (mild spices)

Fresh Green Salad (£1.99)